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This store is filled with inspiring resources for your personal happiness, health, well being and prosperity! Now is the time to change your life. You CAN help yourself with a little assistance.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) - also called "tapping" is one of the most amazing self-help gifts given to mankind in a long time. You'll find resources from the best EFT Masters and Practitioners right here, along with additional proven techniques, like NLP, TAT, and soon to come - things like hypnotherapy self-help and flower essences...

The only things you'll see on this site are resources that have been proven to be effective. But to make a change, you have to actually USE what you purchase!

If you have any questions on any of the items, please email me (the webmaster and developer - and tester of the products) HERE.

Good luck and I wish you well as you become happier, more at peace, healthier and regain the time of your life.

Real People

Karin and Scott are husband and wife. Karin Davidson (Video Resume, Why Karin) has dedicated her life to helping others through EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. She created most of the DVDs found in this store and continues to train people in helping themselves and others. Scott Davidson does all the shipping (and grocery shopping and errands and lots more.) You can contact either Scott or Karin at info@howtotap.com

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