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EFT DVD of the Month Club - Second Year 12-DVD Set

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  • Tips, teaching, and demonstrations from the EFT Masters
  • Learning from some of the best of the best
  • Experience the unique style of each EFT Master
  • A valuable addition to your resource library

DVD 13 - Dr. Pat Carrington, Using EFT Choices to Create Personal Resource States

DVD 14 - Nancy Gnecco, EFT Foundations

DVD 15 - Peter Graham, The Power of EFT

DVD 16 - Rehana Webster, I: Being Stuck: Resolving Internal Conflict; II: Panel: Using EFT for Trauma

DVD 17 - Gwyneth Moss, EFT for Weight Issues

DVD 18 - Emma Roberts, EFT with Serious Diseases

DVD 19 - Barbara Smith, EFT and Trauma

DVD 20 - Judy Byrne, Accepting Myself

DVD 21 - Dr. Inci Erkin, Peter Graham, Barbara Smith, and Rehana Webster, Guidance from EFT Masters

DVD 22 - Maya de Vries, The 9 Steps to Reframing

DVD 23 - Rue Hass and Ann Ross, Marketing

DVD 24 - Emma Roberts, EFT and Cancer

EFT DVD of the Month Club - Second Year 12-DVD Set