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EFT DVD of the Month Club - Subscription

  • $24.95

"I have found the DVD of the month a brilliant way of enhancing and improving my EFT skills. To all of you involved in the production of the DVD's you are doing a brilliant job. Great value for money! They are a 1st class way of training without having to pay hotel and travel bills. Keep on shining all of you." - Margaret Abraham

This exclusive new program allows you to receive a new EFT DVD every month featuring information, helpful tips, and dynamic demonstrations from the EFT Masters. These DVDs give you exclusive access to the videos of the 2007 EFT Master Showcases. Take advantage of this valuable resource.

  • Tips, teaching, and demonstrations from the EFT Masters
  • Increase your EFT knowledge by learning from the best of the best
  • Experience the unique style of each EFT Master
  • A valuable resource you can't find anywhere else

Become a member of the DVD of the Month Club for $24.95 and receive a FREE Bonus DVD - Dr. Carol Look: "Abundance and Perfectionism" This free bonus is available ONLY when you sign up for the DVD of the Month Club.

"Please keep the DVDs coming! They are a treasure trove of EFT work. Thank you so much for your kind care." - Bob Eren

EFT DVD of the Month Club - Subscription