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EFT4Powerpoint and Marketing Your EFT Practice

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EFT4Powerpoint CD

EFT4PowerPoint has been used by thousands of EFT trainers, literally, all over the world, since 2004. We've kept the original quality EFT content and clear simple explanations, but this 2011 version has been totally updated:

  • New Graphics
  • New Slides
  • New and Expanded Speakers Notes
  • New Participant Exercises
  • New and Revised Handouts
  • And More

Marketing Your EFT Practice Set

The Ultimate Guide to Your EFT Business is like having a best friend, mentor, and coach. Sharing their personal experiences with you. Asking you what's most important to you about your business. Giving clear guidance and actions to make your dreams come true. If you have, or want to have, an alternative practice order this package sit back with your cup of tea or coffee, drink in the support, and get ready to take action – successful action!

  • Jumpstart your business with advice shared from the EFT Master's experience!
  • Fascinating interviews with EFT Masters. Never before shared inside information
  • Treasure trove of marketing ideas. Invaluable suggestions and practical tips
  • Effective marketing ideas summarized in an easy to follow format
  • Exercises in the form of "Successful Action Steps"
  • Add this valuable guide to your business library now.
EFT4Powerpoint and Marketing Your EFT Practice