Advanced EFT

Essentials for EFT Excellence

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John Bullough, co-editor of the book EFT and Beyond, uses this informative presentation to share some of the valuable insight on the imperative factors that make the most significant difference in EFT and other tapping techniques. With a background in traditional psychotherapy and years of tapping experience, John draws on the inside tips and personal experiences of the top names in EFT, who are the contributing authors of the book, in order to walk you through the most important points in becoming a successful EFT practitioner. With an engaging, yet highly informative approach, John shares theories, models, guidance and quotes that are sure to raise the bar for even the most experienced EFT practitioner.

  • Congruence
  • Getting Out of the Way
  • Not Attached to the Outcome
  • Being Present
  • Respect for the Client
  • EFT and Children
  • Sports Performance
  • Depression
  • EFT & Pregnancy
  • Anxiety
Essentials for EFT Excellence