Ask & Receive

Ask & Receive Foundations Set

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New 4 hour Ask & Receive Basic Foundation Training DVD set with jam packed informational CD

"Not since I learned meridian tapping from Dr. Roger Callahan in 1987 and discovered the EFT Choices Method in the year 2000, have I been so excited about the therapeutic potential of a new energy psychology technique! I am now using A&R with all my individual clients and groups – it combines seamlessly with my EFT work - and achieving remarkable results by doing this that I couldn't accomplish using EFT alone. I am so happy that the originators, Sandi Radomski and Tom Altaffer, have created an authoritative, complete, detailed training in A&R which will now make this method available to everyone through DVDs. This DVD set will be a milestone in the area of energy healing."
– Dr. Patricia Carrington, Ph.D., EFT Founding Master, Creator of the EFT Choices Method

In depth training with Sandi Radomski, LSCW and Tom Altaffer, LCSW

  • New 4 ways to guide Ask and Receive Treatment (Simple, Muscle Testing, Felt Sense and SUDS)
  • Clinical session demonstrations in the 4 methods
  • A New Psychology – Philosophical framework
  • Comprehensive study guide

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Ask & Receive Foundations Set