EFT Certification Mentoring

Group Mentoring

  • $25.00

EFT Certification and upkeep of certification requires 12 hours of group or 6 hours of private mentoring. I'm only offering this to people who have been in my workshops.

I also include any Matrix Reimprinting guidance as well.

  • The groups will be by Skype video (or I can include you by phone)
  • Size will be limited to 6 people, and normally end up to be 4
  • I will try to put together convenient times for everyone and will include one morning group session per month and one evening group session per month Eastern Standard Time
  • These are PRIVATE so that you can ask any question you desire and recordings will only be available to those in the group
  • Both beginners and advanced students and practitioners are accepted
  • If you would like only an advanced group or beginner group, let me see what I can do - email me
  • You can switch groups (morning or evening) as you want but you need to commit at least one week beforehand (48 hour notice, you are welcome if there is room)
  • I plan on 2 per month for 6 months. This gives you 12 possibilities. You can mix group sessions with private sessions for CPD and certification (You can mix hours with other mentors but they must be approved)
  • $25 per hour session (they sometimes go longer if more than 4 people - at no extra charge) (Private mentoring is $100 billed and given in 15 minute increments - because some people just have one "quick" question LOL)
  • Payment as you go along
  • We often have guests, like Pat Carrington, Ann Adams, Jan Luther, Lindsay Kenny, Sharon King, Richard Flook or etc.... those must be paid ahead
  • You can ask anything
  • You can presend your questions (especially helpful if physical pain or disease) or ask online
  • If a particular 4-person group wants to fast track this, I can arrange that (as requested in Annapolis and NJ) but everyone on fast-track has to be commited to being in the group every week (or whatever time frame you decide together.)

Please let me know your interest by emailing me at Karin@howtotap.com. Please include general availability (5 pm - 9pm PST only, Weekend days until 5pm EST, anytime Wednesday Central time, etc) If you say 9 pm, I will understand we must be FINISHED at 9pm - not that the group can begin at 9pm.

Looking forward this!

Group Mentoring