EFT Certification Mentoring

Level 2 - Required Viewing Set

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This set is reduced pricing only for practitioner candidates working towards certification with Karin Davidson.

EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource and EFT Level 2 Comprehensive Training Resource
EFT Level 1 Coursebook covers Level One information for AAMET and EFT Universe Level 1 Training.

NLP and EFT Movie Technique – EFT Master Rehana Webster
Rehana shares her BRICK WALL method for helping clients identify and prioritize their specific underlying events. In her demonstration Rehana combines the EFT Movie Technique with NLP on the client's issue. Rehana uses various NLP strategies such as having the client run their traumatic movie backwards, add music, and visualize the characters in a cartoon all while tapping. This effective combination of tell the story, the movie technique and NLP strategies creates a rich setting for the client – and viewers alike – to deal with painful situations.

How To Tap – Introduction to Meridian Tapping Techniques
EFT, Talk & Tap, Color of Pain, Matrix Reimprinting with Karin Davidson, AAMET EFT Trainer, Matrix Reimprinting Trainer.

How To Tap – Introduction to Meridian Tapping Techniques
Trainer and practitioner Karin Davidson guides you through this comprehensive beginner's guide to tapping on your own to resolve emotional issues, feel better, ease pain, attract abundance and live a happier life through the use of Meridian Tapping Techniques.

EFT Helps, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss
DVD 1 - Rosie: Regret for a Lost Love
DVD 2 - Roger: Abused and Angry
DVD 3 - Manuela: I Lost my Safe Person
DVD 4 - John: The Injustice of Neuralgia
DVD 5 - Rosanna: Fear for my Daughter
DVD 6 - Gillian: Too Much Tragedy
DVD 7 - Sabina: It's Not Safe to See Clearly
DVD 8 - Roy: I'm Only Ninety Percent
DVD 9 - Penny: I –°an't Keep Hold of Money
DVD 10 - FREE Bonus Interview DVD

Doing It Right: A Surprising Discussion on Ethics
In this unique video, you can be a part of a lively discussion on ethics that actually isn't tedious. Even if you've been through other ethics courses, this video will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of ethics in application through a casual, informative, and friendly conversation among four, highly qualified individuals.

EFT Masterclass UK - 12 Session Set
Learn from 11 EFT Masters all in one set! Watch instruction and live demonstrations of the EFT Masters recorded LIVE.

Level 2 - Required Viewing Set