EFT Certification Mentoring

Level 3 - Required Viewing Set

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This set is reduced pricing only for practitioner candidates working towards certification with Karin Davidson.

In Pursuit of Excellence in EFT
In The Pursuit of Excellence Ann Adams shares her years of experience explaining key issues and critical points in working with clients. A tapping session is about more than tapping. Ann's insightful points about commonly missed factors important in working with people are useful for both the experienced and newbie tappers.

The 9 Steps of Reframing with EFT Master Maya de Vries
Maya de Vries discovered EFT in the spring of 2000 and was immediately fascinated with the method's change potential. She felt a deep commitment to spread the word in the German speaking countries and has trained over 700 individuals in EFT. Reframing is a communication technique which has origins in traditional therapy and it also forms an important part of NLP

Matrix Reimprinting Savings Pak
Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson, EFT Master and Advanced Matrix Reimprinting: When ECHOS lead to other ECHOS & Demonstration

Two of the World's Top Trainers in their fields, Richard Flook and Karin Davidson, work together to show you how disease is created, how to diagnose the underlying problem and how to clear the issues. This training set will change your thinking on health and healing forever!

Level 3 - Required Viewing Set