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Advanced EFT with Linda Wood - 4 Pak

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  1. Presentation and Demonstration on Using Magic Buttons Bears with Adults
  2. Linda Wood Works With a Teenager for Parental Divorce
  3. Demonstration: "I Won't Leave Him – When is Enough, Enough?"
  4. Working with Asperger's Syndrome

Presentation and Demonstration on Using Magic Buttons Bears with Adults –With Mind Mirror Brainwave Reading
First we learn multiple ways to use Magic as a Therapy tool. Then we see a brief yet thorough description of the Mind Mirror Brainwave Reader.This is followed by a demonstration with practitioner and client's brainwave activity alternating on screen. A surprising way to stand outside yourself so that the core of your issue can come to the surface and be cleared. Notice how Alison came with OCD tendencies and fears of being robbed which then turned into robbing her daughter of a family and all the guilt that went along with that. After this 45 minute session of tapping only on the bear, she cleared all her robbery fears and OCD tendencies and has a much better relationship with her daughter. Notice also how when that core issue popped up so suddenly we merely gave it to Magic Buttons to contain for us while we tapped it away!

Linda Wood Works with a Teenager for Parental Divorce
Even when parents do their best to make the pain of divorce as easy as possible for their kids, as is the case of the family represented here, there are still many trauma capsules formed that can change the course of our children's lives. Notice the many 'aspects' of 'dad leaving' and how quickly EFT cleared them. This should be great to help you with similar cases. As a result, now a year later, the relationship this gal has with her father is much deeper than before. (Her relationship with her Mother was already quite strong) This DVD includes the client's follow-up email.

Demonstration: "I Won't Leave Him –When is Enough, Enough?"
One of the things that I really enjoy while working with EFT is to watch clients as they have new insights and see new solutions to their problems. While working with issues such as this, it is very important to help 'them' open 'their own' perception so that they can find her own answers. Only they know what is best for them.

Working with Asperger's Syndrome
This adult shows us how difficult life is for those who grow up with Asperger's syndrome due to society trying to force them into its idea of 'normal.' Even though we now 'think' schools and society is much more aware of this, we have a LONG way to go. Watch this DVD to get an idea of how important it is for us to find ways to 'accept' people as they are and work with them where they are. Another remarkable result from this session for me was to have him realize that before he came into the womb, he actually felt an 'EXCITEMENT' for life. That was a huge shift for him because he's spent his life being scared, angry, frustrated and feeling misunderstood. He has had several major and permanent shifts. This DVD includes the client's heartfelt follow-up email.

Advanced EFT with Linda Wood - 4 Pak