EFT for Specific Issues

Healing the Cycle of Addiction

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Addiction is a challenge that affects the lives of many people – either yours or someone you love. Addiction is not a character flaw. The addiction started because it appeared to be comforting. The addiction was an attempt to solve a problem. The addiction then became the problem. This DVD set can give you a tool to resolve these problems.

These quality videos offer unique and effective methods to assist in treating and resolving complex issues surrounding addiction. Traditional methods can be helpful but when combined with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques*) – your opportunity for relief is greatly increased.


Watch Experts      

Watch skillful Presentations and Demonstrations by 4 addictions experts with a combined 80 years experience.

An addiction can be to any substance or behavior you feel compelled to eat, drink, take, have or do. If you have - or work with people who have - cravings or other addictive behaviors this new set of DVDs can jump start your understanding of why it happens and what to do about it.

Who will Benefit from this DVD set?

  • Coaches who sometimes deal with people with addictive issues
  • Therapists who would like to see how meridian techniques like EFT work with any type addition issue.
  • People who have friends and family with addictive problems and want to understand
  • People with addictive issues who are ready to learn more and begin the process of change.

      Increase your Success Rate and have more Satisfied Clients

Working with Addictive behavior can be challenging. There is a high drop out rate and lower follow through rates when working with people with a wide variety of addictive behaviors. Learn to use EFT more efficiently and increase client satisfaction.

Healing the Cycle of Addiction