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These products will be very helpful to anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on meridian tapping techniques.

EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource

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EFT Level 1 Coursebook covers Level One information for AAMET and EFT Universe Level 1 Training.

I rec'd your Levels 1 & 2 manuals, and I AM PLEASANTLY BLOWN AWAY! The care & intelligence & skill (and love) that you and Karin put into them are very evident. I've read (or looked at) most of the EFT books out there, and yours are far and away the best well-designed, and readable I've looked at. - JF, CEHP, EFT/MBT Practitioner & Trainer

I just finished the Level 1 Resource and something amazing happened this morning! My 7 month old has been having intense stomach pain affecting his sleep. I've been working on my diet which is helping but this week it has been so hard for him to fall asleep with this pain. Just now I began tapping on him while he was squirming in my arms and it instantly began to work! He's calmly sleeping and I know the tapping was the wonder! THANK YOU! - Stephanie Dodd

I have been teaching EFT classes for years and am a trainer for EFT Universe and this would definitely top my list as the single best book to recommend. It is really well written, explains concepts clearly, and provides excellent information in perfectly sized learnable chunks. I also think there is the perfect balance of case examples, questions to keep the reader actively engaged and suggested exercises. I think this Resource is a really significant contribution to the EFT community. Up until now, every book I have recommended had certain caveats, often that they weren't exclusively about EFT. Finally there is a book I can recommend wholeheartedly! - Carol Odsess, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist

In today's world of stress uncertainty and fear-based living, Karin Davidson and Ann Adams are providing us with a divine opportunity to regain a sense of sanity, calm and equilibrium. EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Resource is a clear, user friendly exploration of a self-help, self-healing technology that can and will put you back in the driver's seat in your life. To "tap or not to tap?" If you want to create or regain health, wholeness and happiness, it really is a no brainer if you are willing and ready to try a new thing in your life. - Iyanla Vanzant, Spiritual Life Coach, EFT Level 3 Practitioner, Author, "In The Meantime" and "Peace from Broken Pieces"

I've just read the EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Resource and what an apt title as it really does live up to its name! It's well laid out and easy to follow making learning enjoyable.....I especially like the 'knowledge tests' along the way. Written by well respected EFT experts, this Resource is a must for anyone interested in learning EFT. - Helena Fone, Author, "Emotional Freedom Techniques for Dummies"

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a collection of self-help techniques that address the mind-body connection. These techniques involve acupressure and mental-emotional focus. Fundamentally, one taps lightly or touches specific points on the body's energy pathways (called meridians) while focusing on an event or emotion. And although EFT works perfectly well by itself, it can also be combined with other therapies. Increasingly, counselors and therapists are using these techniques in their psychotherapy sessions. There is increasing evidence that emotional trauma contributes greatly to disease. Clearing our reactions to past traumatic events balances our perception of our past, relieving stress and releasing negative emotions. There are many testimonials and anecdotal reports showing that EFT has been used successfully for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Fears related to public speaking, performance, concentration, sports, and tests
  • Phobias, e.g., the fear of spiders, heights, flying, enclosed spaces, and success
  • Trauma, PTSD, emotional effects from physical abuse
  • Depression, anger, and other negative emotions
  • Addictions, e.g., to alcohol and other substances, smoking, eating, Internet, and pornography
  • Insomnia and other sleeping issues

The EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Resource offers a solid foundation in using EFT for yourself.

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EFT Level 1 Comprehensive Training Resource