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EFT Level 2 Comprehensive Training Resource

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This book constitutes a stunning example of professional mastery in this field – one which can be of help to any serious student of EFT whether or not they are taking formal Level 2 training. Ann Adams, a leader of EFT education worldwide, has teamed up with a major talent, EFT Trainer Karin Davidson, to clarify the advanced concepts of EFT and simplify them for us remarkably. Anyone interested in moving beyond the basics in EFT or who wants to learn to use it to help others, will love this book! - Patricia Carrington, Ph.D., EFT Master - 

Here is the "state of the art" training in EFT. It is written by two of the most experienced and competent EFT practitioners. You owe it to yourself and your clients to make this book part of your library. It is a "MUST" read. - Sandi Radomski ND, LCSW, Creator of Allergy Antidotes™, Co-creator of Ask & Receive™ - 

In today's world of stress uncertainty and fear-based living, Karin Davidson and Ann Adams are providing us with a divine opportunity to regain a sense of sanity, calm, and equilibrium. EFT Level 2 Comprehensive Training Resource is a clear, user friendly exploration of a self-help, self-healing technology that can and will put you back in the driver's seat in your life. - Iyanla Vanzant, Spiritual Life Coach, EFT Level 3 Practitioner, Author, "In The Meantime" and "Peace from Broken Pieces"

Ann and Karin did a stellar job writing this manual. It is comprehensive in scope and easy to understand even for beginning tappers. This resource is a perfect adjunct for live trainings, as the content follows the Level 2 curriculum succinctly. This book should be in every EFT practitioner's library. - Forrest Samnik, LCSW, EFT Trainer, Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, Hypnotherapist -

Authoritative and extremely well written, this Level 2 companion volume to the EFT Comprehensive Training Resource Level 1 is outstanding. It would be easy for this information to be dry and difficult to read, but Adams and Davidson successfully avoid that mistake with an organized, clear, easy to understand, and well-referenced guide. You'll advance your EFT training with confidence that the material presented is solid. - Loretta Sparks, EFT Founding Master, DCEP, AAMET Trainer, TFTDX, Licensed Psychotherapist, Past President of the American Academy of Psychotherapist, Author - 

This is a fantastic and comprehensive resource for any serious therapy practitioner. It is much more than just a training manual on how to correctly use EFT to Level 2. It answers all the questions that any student may have in a live training but aren't answered due to time constraints. I, for one, will be recommending this to all my students whether studying EFT or not – the explanations on reframes, writings on the walls, and ethics are so important that they are universal for any serious practitioner. - Richard Flook, Author of Why am I Sick? and META-Medicine Master Trainer - 

Ann Adams and Karin Davidson have written a well-designed and comprehensive EFT manual that you'll want to keep on your desk as an everyday reference. Whether you are an accomplished EFT'er or new to this amazing process, this book will educate, enlighten, and help you become more effective as a practitioner. - Wendy Merron, BCH, CC-EFT -

I was an EFT Master and Trainer for years before I began to develop Matrix Reimprinting and this is one of the clearest and most comprehensive coursebooks on EFT concepts that I've seen. Even if you've begun to use new techniques from Energy Psychology, it's important to have a solid grounding in the original EFT concepts and techniques. I highly recommend reading this as a companion to any EFT training. - Karl Dawson, Creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Hay House Author – 

The Level 2 EFT Resource is SO thorough and clear! All of the various alternatives and techniques are explained carefully. The examples and case studies are particularly helpful in understanding the application of the techniques. I highly recommend this book to those who are looking for a comprehensive, understandable guide to using EFT as a practitioner, or for their own deep use. - Pamela Bruner, Business Success Coach, Author and EFT expert -

I just took a couple hours to read through the EFT Comprehensive Training Resource Level 2 and I was very impressed. To put it simply: This Level 2 Training Manual rocks! I've have been actively studying, practicing, using and teaching EFT to my coaching clients for many years. I have read and studied many EFT books and video materials. I had recently read the related EFT Level I Resource (which I really liked), and I was happy to discover that the Level 2 Resource took the conversation into much deeper and richer territory. I have read many books on EFT and to date I have not run across anything quite as comprehensive and well put together as this book. It gives many clear examples and walks you through the many different aspects of working with clients. The chapters are powerfully user-friendly with summaries, tests, and exercises. And this book covers EFT from so many angles that it's now my go-to book to figure out how I might get EFT to work more effectively for myself and my clients. Thank you Karin and Ann for your contribution to the EFT world. I believe that many people will get hooked on sharing EFT and using EFT with others by reading this book. - Joseph S. Mitchell III, Esquire -

Attending workshops is a great way to learn EFT, but, when workshop attendees are busy learning new skills while working through their own issues, they can miss important concepts. This comprehensive manual is an invaluable resource for any serious student of EFT. The book is thorough enough to stand alone as a self-study guide, but it's also the perfect companion to live trainings and workshops. If you're a student, get it for yourself. If you're a trainer, save yourself a lot of preparation work by providing it for your students. - Alina Frank, EFTU and Matrix Reimprinting trainer and mentor -

I just finished the Level I coursebook and could not believe the enrichment I received from that one. And here is the Level 2 coursebook and it surpasses the first book! This book is beautifully illustrated and thoroughly supported with examples and insight that can only be gained through experience. Even though I have taken classes from both Ann and Karin, the additional material and review is so powerful, it was like being in the classroom again, but in my pajamas with the capability of stretching the learning out as long as I wanted. Thanks for your usual high level of giving. - Lucy Shaw, ND, MBA and Author -

Kudos to Ann Adams and Karin Davidson for this excellent contribution to the EFT world. Their EFT Level 2 Coursebook is an invaluable comprehensive resource for students and teachers of EFT, and for all who are interested in this remarkable healing technique. Anyone who wants to understand and master essential EFT principles and art of delivery skills will want a copy of this book on their shelf, both to use and to share. - Betty Moore-Hafter, MA, CHT, AAMET Certified EFT Trainer, Co-Editor for -

This beautifully designed and extremely thorough EFT manual by Ann Adams and Karin Davidson teaches all of the advanced level material with the added bonus of more in depth and specific knowledge about EFT in theory and practice. The manual is very easy to follow even by lay people and will be an asset for all EFT trainers and students, during the certification training as well as an invaluable resource for years to come. - Ingrid Dinter, AAMET certified EFT trainer and coach -

I rec'd your Levels 1 & 2 manuals, and I AM PLEASANTLY BLOWN AWAY! The care & intelligence & skill (and love) that you and Karin put into them are very evident. I've read (or looked at) most of the EFT books out there, and yours are far and away the best well-designed, and readable I've looked at. - JF, CEHP, EFT/MBT Practitioner & Trainer

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EFT Level 2 Comprehensive Training Resource