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These products will be very helpful to anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on meridian tapping techniques.

EFT Level 3 Comprehensive Training Resource

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What a fabulous job Karin Davidson and Ann Adams, with Kari Tumminia have done with this Level 3 coursebook. They have managed to expertly weave together an invaluable combination of EFT experience and useful stories from many clinical experts as well as draw from relevant neuroscience research. This text is an invaluable and well-documented resource that is a must for anyone using EFT tapping with clients or patients. - Craig Weiner, DC -

This book is serious work, designed to give you insight, philosophy, and the attitude required to be successful in your practice. This is a training resource that will raise your EFT IQ to a new level, and additionally educate you on your business, website, and marketing. I know my ability to handle the sometimes turbulent waters of session work has been greatly enhanced by the authors' gift of genuine EFT wisdom. I have no doubt that I am by far wiser, and better prepared in my EFT practice having read this book. -Ken Breen -

Congratulations to Ann Adams and Karin Davidson on their latest EFT manual. Not merely a review of information in the previous books, the EFT Level 3 Comprehensive Training Resource is an authoritative, well-documented, and comprehensive review with references to scientific studies as well as real-life case study illustrations and insights. This is an invaluable resource for practitioners who are already well versed in EFT and are practicing or wish to practice at the clinical level. -Nancy Gnecco, MEd, LPC, EFT Founding Master -

As I've come to expect from this superlative series, EFT Comprehensive Training Resources, the new Level 3 edition delivers the same accessible, incisive commentary and steady lens through which to see the foundational underpinnings of EFT and related fields of psychology and quantum energy. Student and expert alike can find something to consider and something practical to take away immediately, expanding both horizon and capability. In the past, "Level 3" simply meant harnessing the power of EFT through our own "art of delivery." Now it enters a new era, one of mastery meeting meaning, expertly reflecting a mature EFT worldview for both the serious energy practitioner and traditional licensed healthcare professionals alike. It's EFT for grown-ups- written to and for those who've come of age in their EFT practice and skill sets. I believe we've hit a new standard in EFT training resources, and I'm proud to recommend and use this rich volume with my students and mentees. -Jondi Whitis, AAMET International Master Trainer of Trainers

This is a very well-documented work on taking EFT to a higher level. With many quotes from the EFT world to illustrate concepts and many study cases, the authors have produced a tremendous compilation to guide our way into the practice of excellence. -Eneas Guerriero, AAMET EFT Master Trainer, Germany and Brazil

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EFT Level 3 Comprehensive Training Resource