Intro To Tapping

These products will be very helpful to anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on meridian tapping techniques.

Exceptional Training for EFT Students - 6 DVD set

  • $150.00
  • Peter Graham, EFT Master
    - The Power of EFT
  • Rehana Webster, EFT Master
    - NLP and EFT Movie Technique
  • Maya de Vries, EFT Master
    - The 9 Steps of Reframing
  • Paul Lynch, EFT Master
    - The Color of Pain
  • Emma Roberts, EFT Master
    - EFT & Cancer
  • Ann Adams, LCSW
    - In Pursuit of Excellence in EFT

The information in these six DVDs will deepen your understanding of important EFT concepts. Each of these professionally videoed and edited videos are filled with tips and hints on more effective and efficient use of EFT. They are must watch videos for any serious student of EFT.

Recommended by The EFT Academy and the MTT Association.

Exceptional Training for EFT Students - 6 DVD set