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These products will be very helpful to anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on meridian tapping techniques.

How To Tap DVD

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How To Tap - Intro to Meridian Tapping Techniques: EFT, Talk & Tap, Color of Pain, Matrix Reimprinting with Karin Davidson, AAMET EFT Trainer, Matrix Reimprinting Trainer.

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"I have learned much and resolved a great many personal issues by tapping along with you. Much Thanks." - JB

"The learning was very clear in the How To Tap DVD. It was extremely well done, so much information in a little package. I loved it!" - MF

"I was diagnosed with clinical episodic depression and was told there was no cure. Since Tapping, I haven't had an episode in over 5 years." - KR

"I watched your How to Tap DVD and there is a tapalong on "Making Money". I had no idea how much I needed that piece personally. I am doing so many things right now that are reinventions of me. You did an awesome job with that one and I was deeply blessed by it." - LS

Trainer and practitioner Karin Davidson guides you through this comprehensive beginner's guide to tapping on your own to resolve emotional issues, feel better, ease pain, attract abundance and live a happier life through the use of Meridian Tapping Techniques. "How to Tap" introduces you to some of the top of these breakthrough techniques and how they can be used to benefit your life, overcome obstacles to success, deal with physical issues, and resolve emotional pain. Recorded as a step-by-step guide, complete with tap-alongs, demonstration examples, and everything you need to utilize these proven self-help techniques, "How to Tap" is a must-have resource for anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on using this relief technique in their own life.


  • Basic EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - tapping points and tools
  • EFT's Personal Peace Procedure
  • EFT's Movie Technique with a self-help example
  • A demonstration of the technique with EFT Master Nancy Gnecco
  • Introduction and example of EFT Master Paul Lynch's Color of Pain
  • Learn the easy and useful technique "Tap and Talk" with a Continuous Tapping Demonstration by EFT Master Gwyneth Moss
  • Learn EFT Master Karl Dawson's Matrix Reimprinting with a guided self-help session and demonstration

With demonstrations by EFT Masters Gwyneth Moss, Nancy Gnecco and Paul Lynch

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How To Tap DVD