Intro To Tapping

These products will be very helpful to anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on meridian tapping techniques.

Tap Along - I'm not Good Enough & Depression

  • $19.95

AAMET Level 3 Trainer

DVD Contents:

  • I'm Not Good Enough (General)
  • I'm Not Good Enough (Specific Event)
  • I'm Depressed (General Lift)

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"I bought your DVD a short time ago. I would like to send you just a first reaction from my daughter... she knows about EFT and has a past with deep depression. She adored the 3 presentations on the DVD. She feels that you have deep understanding of what it is all about and that you seemed to talk especially to her with love and compassion. Your presentations are very personal, very special and, I am sure, of great value for many many people." - BvH

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Tap Alongs are terrific for self-help and for lending to your clients for homework. They are 15-25 minute guided tappings, sometimes with a bit of explanation.

Karin is looking directly into the camera while tapping so it is a clear direct communication and guidance.

Tap Along - I'm not Good Enough & Depression