Intro To Tapping

These products will be very helpful to anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on meridian tapping techniques.

Tap Along - Relationship, Work & Financial Stress

  • $19.95

AAMET Level 3 Trainer


  • Financial Stress Tap
  • I Can't find the Perfect Relationship
  • Current Relationship: I Deserve More
  • Tap for a Past Relationship
  • I'm Not Appreciated
  • Work Stress Tap

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This DVD is not intended for relationships in severe situations.

Tap Alongs are terrific for self-help and for lending to your clients for homework. They are 15-25 minute guided tappings, sometimes with a bit of explanation.

Karin is looking directly into the camera while tapping so it is a clear direct communication and guidance.

Tap Along - Relationship, Work & Financial Stress