Intro To Tapping

These products will be very helpful to anyone wishing to get a quick and effective grasp on meridian tapping techniques.

Tapping for Self Help Set

  • $45.00

Over 7.5 hours of EFT Tapping demonstrations, training, tap alongs and more.

How To Tap 4 hour DVD

This 4 hour DVD details how you can get the best results from tapping. It explains various Tapping Techniques including EFT, Talk & Tap, Color of Pain, and Matrix Reimprinting. This step-by-step guide, complete with tap-alongs and demonstration examples, has everything you need to utilize these proven self-help techniques.


  • Basic EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - tapping points and tools
  • EFT's Personal Peace Procedure
  • EFT's Movie Technique with a self-help example
  • A demonstration of the technique with EFT Master Nancy Gnecco
  • Introduction and example of EFT Master Paul Lynch's Color of Pain
  • Learn the easy and useful technique "Tap and Talk" with a Continuous Tapping Demonstration by EFT Master Gwyneth Moss
  • Learn EFT Master Karl Dawson's Matrix Reimprinting with a guided self-help session and demonstration

Tap Alongs 3 DVD set

Great for people new to Tapping or those who've tried it and want to learn how to improve their self-help ability. This 3 DVD set have a number of 15-25 minute guided tappings, sometimes with a bit of explanation.

Tap Alongs for Not Good Enough and Depression contents:

  • I'm Not Good Enough
  • I'm Not Good Enough Past Event Release
  • I'm Depressed

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Tap Alongs for Work, Financial and Relationship Stress contents:

  • Releasing the Past
  • Financial Stress
  • Work Stress
  • Attracting the Perfect Partner
  • I'm Unappreciated

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Tap Alongs for Chronic Illness, CFS/ME contents:

  • Nothing works
  • I'm Alone
  • It's my Enemy

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"In contrast to the usual Tap Along, where an expert leads you by being a teacher demonstrating the tapping spots as they give you phrases that you are to repeat - Karin's bring you directly into the experience itself – you and she share it together even though she also plays teacher at times (very unobtrusively actually acting more as a friend than a teacher. Also, unlike tapping demos where you stand apart and watch a practitioner tap on (or with) a demo subject - Karin's videos allow you to experience her as both teacher and demo subject at the same time. This draws you into the experience so powerfully that you feel the emotion and are even encouraged to feel the resistance to the process as well - you are fully in it with her." - Dr. Pat Carrington, EFT Master

Tapping for Self Help Set