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Matrix Reimprinting Demo: High Trauma PTSD 2 Pak (DVDs)

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Double set plus bonus audio.

DVD 1 - Death, Denial and Matrix Reimprinting and PTSD Demonstration: A Firefighter's Pain - the 4 year old in the closet. Watch a video testimonial

DVD 2 - "I Was Shot At" and Releasing the Freeze Response. Watch a video testimonial

This includes:

  • A Firefighter's Pain: the 4-year old hiding in the cabinet. EFT helped, Matrix Reimprinting completed it.
  • What is denial and how do we change the outcome without it?
  • "To Hell with PTSD": the testimonial after the session and his new Mayday Mission to help other service men and women as he was helped.
  • "I Was Shot At": the actual session that released Linda from PTSD's grip of hyper vigilance and terrifying fear of all loud noises.
  • A year later: Linda's response
  • Bonus audio of an actual private client session clearing the trauma of PTSD. Although she was in the Navy, traveled more than 75 countries, studied 5 languages, trekked in places like Nepal, Northern Thailand, Ireland and a New Zealand glacier, traversed Spain's Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Andes in Peru, Morocco's Atlas Mountains, Buddhist caves in India and more - PTSD happened as a small child. She went into a huge video dome, with new surround sound technology, hearing and seeing in giant floating close up graphic images of a heart transplant and a baby being born. EFT helped, Matrix Reimprinting released her.
This is a DVD set. For the video download, click here.
Matrix Reimprinting Demo: High Trauma PTSD 2 Pak (DVDs)