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Matrix Reimprinting Demo: I Almost Drowned

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Advanced Matrix Reimprinting Demonstrations: "I Almost Drowned" Working with Highly Associated Clients (DVD)

Diane was pulled under the water by an anchor line. As she waited for someone to rescue her, she looked up and saw her 11-year-old son watching her "drown." The thought of her son having to watch his mother drown has plagued her for over 20 years. This event was so traumatic that no one spoke about what happened from the time she was rescued until now, 20 years later.

In Matrix Reimprinting, dissociation from the event allows the work to flow more smoothly and easily. However, many clients, especially those new to Matrix Reimprinting associate easily to their feelings in a highly traumatic event.

In this video, Trainer Karin Davidson demonstrates many tools to keep the client dissociated.

Warning: Do not watch this video if you will at all be triggered by helpless under water, drowning, etc. This is an advanced Matrix Reimprinting session and those purchasing this video must be very familiar with Matrix Reimprinting.

This video is also available as a download.

Matrix Reimprinting Demo: I Almost Drowned