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Matrix Reimprinting Demo: I Feel Crappy

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Advanced Matrix Reimprinting Demonstrations: "I feel crappy" leads to deep issues. Gentle Matrix Reimprinting techniques when working with incest (DVD).

A very pretty woman in her late 40's wanders up to the front of the room at the end of a workshop. She's holding 2 very large stuffed animals and tells Karin that she's her final demo subject. Because the class is advanced, Karin agrees to work with the woman as a demonstration. "I feel crappy" quickly leads to anger, a past history of incest and dissociation. Karin uses basic and advanced EFT and Matrix Reimprinting tools as well as intuition, surrogate tapping in the Matrix, elements of Soul Reconnection, and more.

"It is an incredible demonstration! After attending the 2 day matrix reimprinting seminar, I began using the technique a lot, but I did run into some very challenging echoes. This video gave me great practical skills for those hard-to-reach situations, especially where there is a fear of touch, and the classic "tap on the echo" just won't go! Very informative! Worth watching a few times to catch the hidden brilliance behind the process." - SU

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These advanced demonstrations are for EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioners only.

This is a DVD. For the video download, click here.

Matrix Reimprinting Demo: I Feel Crappy