Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting - Getting to an ECHO

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Getting to an ECHO: Working with people who don't have memories and/or don't see pictures.

"Karin gives creative, step by step techniques to find elusive memories and visuals - for both ourselves and our clients. And these ideas can be applied not only in Matrix Reimprinting, but in other types of therapy as well. She makes the techniques simple to understand and use. There's a detailed demonstration with a client, as well as demos for the listeners. And during one of those, I closed my eyes and followed along with her. Once again, I think Karin does a great job. She's easy to follow, and enjoyable to learn with." - LZ

"Jam packed full of information. Karin couldn't have fit any more into this training!" - RB

This 1.5 hour training and demonstration shows how you can find and work with ECHOs (traumatic memories) with people who:

  • Don't have clear or any memories of childhood
  • Can't see pictures
  • Can't access events in their childhood
  • Have a difficult time finding where issues began

The demonstration subject doesn't have memories and has trouble seeing pictures. She wrote an email verifying the "made-up" event we put together for the session:
"I called my Mom after the session. I just had to ask... Apparently before my Mom and Dad got divorced, finally, my Dad's drug use got worse and there was this one particular time that my Mom took my sister and I grocery shopping. When we got back, I had to use the bathroom so, with her hands full of groceries and my sister (who was one or so at the time), she unlocked the door and let me in the house first, then stayed outside to get the rest of her stuff, etc. I ran into the bathroom and found my Dad passed out on the floor. My Mom said I walked outside and asked her why daddy was sleeping in the bathroom... She said that was her final straw - she decided she couldn't let us and I grow up with stuff like that happening, so she kicked him out the same week. WOW."

This training is also available as a video download and as an mp3 download. Please make sure you are ordering the one you want.

Matrix Reimprinting - Getting to an ECHO