META-Medicine and EFT


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Meta-Matrix: Finding and Clearing the Underlying Issues of Disease.

"I was MOST impressed with META-Medicine and MATRIX reimprinting (Richard and Karin are astounding in their natural abilities - to help understand and also convey it - and DEMONSTRATE it !!! What we saw, live, was absolutely the most dramatic testimony to illustrating the principles - I think it affected everyone on a visceral level that was life-changing --- and they provided more "science" behind it, which was very exciting.... META-Medicine and Matrix Reimprinting provide a razor-sharp "cutting edge" foundation for "energy medicine" techniques, offering powerful synergy for EFT - and feels very much like a huge missing piece of a puzzle that is now ready to reveal itself and be put in place, to create the whole picture - a masterpiece!" - Stephanie

Cindy Kubica talks about her life-changing experience working with Karin (View Video)

Two of the World's Top Trainers in their fields, Richard Flook and Karin Davidson, work together to show you how disease is created, how to diagnose the underlying problem and how to clear the issues. This training set will change your thinking on health and healing forever! You will experience "A-HA" moments that will add new dimensions to your approach with yourself and clients. This training will GREATLY increase your solutions for helping clients to self-heal and provide additional options to enhance your medical, therapeutic or coaching practice.

Using Meta-Medicine as a diagnostic tool and then using Matrix Reimprinting or Meta-Healing to clear the biological conflict shocks will inspire you to find your or your clients true issues and clear them for health and wellness. Ground breaking healing clearly delivered.

In this set, you will learn:

  • What META-Medicine® is and how it started
  • Why people get sick
  • The two phases of every disease
  • "UDIN" moments and the types of shocks that cause a disease
  • What pain is and how it's related to the healing crisis
  • The brain areas, their biological meaning and their connection to the organs and heart
  • An introduction to the META-Healing Process® (MHP)
  • The steps of Matrix Reimprinting and how it clears the shocks that cause a disease
  • and more...

What is Meta-Medicine?

"What can I say...other than "Holy Sh*t!" I just finished watching the Meta-Matrix DVD set and this material rocks!

I ordered another set a few days ago to give to my hairdresser's 28 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Crohn's disease this past year. She's been on steroids & chemo...the treatment of choice from her doctors who tell her "there is no known cause and no known cure!"

After watching just the first DVD I wrote a two page email to her and to one to my neighbors with Parkinson's and told them about this material. Both want to see it. Yaaaay!!!

The other "HS" moment was at the very end of DVD 3. You could have been talking about my husband and me. We spent a couple of days pulling weeds and mini-haying on our property mid October. Then we flew back to Penna. for his dad's 90th Birthday Bash and family gathering. I broke out in a severe rash on my nose, forehead and forearm. Needless to say, believing I got into something in the weeds was seductive...but I knew better. And I was with portions of my husband's family I don't much like. Oh...and I was the host and MC for Dad's luncheon. get it. So you can imagine I about fell off my damn chair this morning at 5am when I was listening to the last part of DVD 3 and you told the story of the husband and wife who had been weeding. I thought Holy Sh*t!!! That's us.

Karin, keep doing what you're doing in the world. The work is powerful. You are powerful. To paraphrase Bill Shakespeare...I can no other answer make but thanks, thanks and ever thanks! Joyfully!" - MJ