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STOP Getting STUCK with Lindsay Kenny (Audio)

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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very powerful session yesterday....your Reversals approach was the key. I could not have imagined that I had a fear about letting go of my fear of driving. This morning I took myself for a "test drive" (literally and figuratively) and.... I did not hyperventilate, panic or sense anxiety." - Dr. N H

" I am happy to report that the Reversals technique worked great for me! I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders even while doing it. Then when I tapped on my life-long anger at my dad (which I have tapped on before ad nauseum,) I felt it releasing quickly this time. What a difference. I'm feeling a peace in my heart that wasn't there before. Thank you so much!" - Ken S.

Even if someone wants to change with all their heart and being, there could be MANY blockages... and it's not just about tapping on the Karate Chop Point or Aspects. Here, EFT Master Lindsay Kenny gives you insights and many examples of when we are "stuck", how to recognize the 2 DIFFERENT types of reversals and what to do about them.

You also learn:

  • How these reversals are different from the one explained in Gary's manual AND how one type alone effects 95% of all issues!
  • How to easily neutralize Reversal to greatly improve the effectiveness of tapping
  • Examples of clients and self-help situations that can be solved with this simple process
  • WHEN to tap with Positive Statement and Affirmations, so they'll WORK
  • And even the crazy personal situations that brought Lindsay to the tapping world

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This downloadable MP3 audio is of her teaching PowerPoint combined with her teaching audio - in an interview style. This audio is also available as a video download.

"After our session yesterday I had a ton of energy. I was up and doing chores, calling clients, entertaining house guests (no kidding), and felt great. This was in addition to getting rid of all the other stuff that we were actually working on! I really think the key was getting rid of all the Reversals I had. I had no idea I was holding onto all of that. Today I feel so light and free!" - Tina Mc.

"Thank you, Lindsay! The session and the results were amazing. No more fear of public speaking! I was the facilitator in our staff meeting this morning and I could tell a difference. I was much more relaxed and had a lot of fun with it. When you explained why previous tapping hadn't worked because of my "subconscious resistance to changing" it really rang true. The fear kept me from speaking up in groups, which kept me safe (a great excuse,) and I really didn't want to let it go! I still have some other things to work on but not with fear. Thank you for "fixing" me." - Lisa Lee

STOP Getting STUCK with Lindsay Kenny (Audio)