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EFT Magic Buttons Bear 2 DVD Set

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CLICK HERE to read a true story about a Mother and her son.

Actual EFT Sessions with Magic Buttons Bear. Watch as Linda Wood, Bear Creator and EFT AAMET Trainer and Level 3 Practitioner, skillfully and compassionately uses Magic Buttons Bears on 2 different clients:

  • Sarah's Shock and Accepting Ruth
  • Marge’s Sacrifice and her Disabled Son

Marge and Sarah: Marge and Sarah were my first experience with using the Magical Bear to tap on for the whole session rather than tapping on ourselves. Both women are tapping for very common problems of ‘issues with adult children.’ (Sarah for issues with her daughter and Marge for issues with a disabled adult son.) Rather than wanting me to ‘fix’ the children, they realized they needed to work on themselves first! What I found to be so profound was that as they tapped focusing on their ‘child’ being outside themselves (in the form of Magic Buttons), their deepest issues came popping to the surface like popcorn, taking both of them by surprise.

Since I’d not used the bears in this way before, when we got to those core issues, I reached over and tapped ON them at that time. I’ve since learned that it's even better to ‘give the issue to the magical bear’ and let Magic hold it for the client while you continue tapping ON the bears. You’ll see a great example of this in the later DVD that I did with Alison. Giving it to Magic allows the client to step away from the most painful part of the emotion while they tap it away.

Using the bears allowed Marge and Sarah to go much deeper than when I’d worked previously with them tapping only on themselves. Notice how Marge is working for an issue with her adult disabled son and how his voice really annoys her. While tapping cannot change his voice, the next time Marge went to take him out for the day, after a short time she realized she hadn’t even noticed his annoying voice.

This is a great example of how our solutions to our ‘problems’ with ‘others’ is most likely within ourselves. Notice how Marge was shocked when her ‘real’ issue of ‘guilt’ for having to put him into a home popped up.

I’ve had many people who’ve watched these DVDs email to tell me how valuable it was for them to be able to tap along with these women as they worked on similar issues with their own adult children. Marge eventually taught her disabled son to tap on Magic Buttons as an outlet for his many anger issues.

EFT Magic Buttons Bear 2 DVD Set