WS Advanced Session Tools for Tough Cases - California 2018

  • $180.00

Advanced Session Tools for Tough Cases (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

DATE: Monday, February 19, 2018, Alameda, CA

"The tools Karin teaches on this last day can be used immediately and will deepen your understanding of EFT/MR; These techniques will make your skills more effective in allowing deeper and faster positive changes in your clients. It is only my first week back and I’m already using these additional tools. The tools have included “You ARE in Charge of your Emotions”, “Energy Movement”, “Timeline Access,” “Messages From the Body,” “Muscle Testing to find a Core Event,” and more. Thank you, Karin. Please let practitioners know how important this last day is.”
From student Brian Lynch, MS, CCHT, Cert Emotional Intelligence Practitioner 

What you’ll get:

  • You ARE in Charge of your Emotions - and how to prove it to your clients
  • Matrix Reimprinting for Ancestral Issues
  • Muscle testing for finding a Core Event
  • When Muscle Testing is Unreliable and How to Insure Success
  • Finding an ECHO through imagery - Timeline Access
  • Using "Messages from the Body" Resource to Uncover Underlying Causes
  • Intuition in the Matrix
  • Introduction to Advanced Clearing Energetics
  • Extra day of practice and advanced answers

    Watch an interview with Karin Davidson.


    1151 Harbor Bay Parkway
    Suite 121
    Alameda, CA 94502

    10 minutes north of the Oakland Airport, across the street from the beach on private Alameda Island. 


     2 Choices

    Hampton Inn & Suites

    1700 Harbor Bay Parkway
    Alameda, CA 94502
    5 walkable blocks through a nice neigborhood to Institute
    5 minutes from OAK Airport
    Tel: +1-510-521-4500
    (Hotel is located on the bay, and a hot breakfast is included with your room)

    Extended Stay America

    1260 South Loop Rd Alameda CA 94502
    2 walkable blocks to Institute
    Can request room with kitchen
    Tel: 510-769-7000
    OK breakfast
    IMPORTANT: you must tell them the address or they book you at the other end of Alameda, which is 25 min away, or at the Oakland one. Neither one is the one for this location. 

    WS Advanced Session Tools for Tough Cases - California 2018